Here Are Some Tips for Your Upcoming Interview

  • Relax. First, relax and enjoy yourself. While our podcast is meant to be informative, it's also humorous. Remember that since this is a recorded show, we can edit out the bad stuff. Just be yourself. And remember to pause if you need to - we have the power of editing on our side. Our goal is to make our guests shine in front of our listeners.
  • Pauses and Noises. Unlike a normal conversation, you may find that the interviewer will pause before responding to you, and may not make usual conversational noises (murmurs of agreement, etc.). This is because leaving pauses will help make editing easier! So don't be thrown by this.
  • Headphones. If you're talking to us using your computer, please use headphones rather than the built in speaker on your computer.
  • The Room You're In. If you're being interviewed remotely (by your phone or computer), please make sure you're in a quiet room and also that you turn all ringers off and put your devices on do-not-disturb. 
  • Body Talk. Please be mindful of noises that your clothes and jewelry may make, as well as little things like foot tapping. Also, we ask that you refrain from chewing gum or eating food. We DO encourage drinking non-carbonated water during the interview so you can avoid those weird pasty mouth sounds. 
  • Questions. Prior to your interview, you will receive an email from us with (i) the context of the segment your interview relates to, usually the legal question we're answering, and (ii) a list of the questions we intend to ask you. These questions may vary a bit, but we will try to to stray too far off the path. Don't go crazy prepping based on the questions - they're really being provided to let you know where we're headed for the interview. 
  • Time. Right now, we're shooting for our interviews to be 5 to 15 minutes. Don't worry about timing, though. The interviewer will help guide you through.
  • Follow-Up. After the interview, we will follow up with some information, including when we expect the podcast to go live, whether you want to use your full name, and some other social media stuff that you might find useful.